Today, everybody is in a hurry and has forgotten to take care of their health. We are here to change exactly that! With a variety of products that need minimal efforts and next to no time, BROTOS is an ideal product range for health & taste buds in the rush.

Nothing to worry, we got you covered!

Sprouts has always been an integral part of our meal. The products are being consumed by a variety of

groups such as health enthusiasts as supplement, moms as a meal, working couples as a salad. Sprouts

are one of the most complete and nutritional of all foods tested. Sprouts are real ‘Life Vitamins, Minerals,

Proteins, and Enzymes. Because sprouts are predigested food, they have a higher biological efficiency

value then whole seeds, raw or cooked. Less food is required, yet more nutrients reach the blood and

cells. The chemical changes that occur in the sprouting seed activate a powerful enzyme factory. Some

vitamins increase during sprouting. The rich enzyme concentration can lead heightened enzyme activity

in your metabolism, leading to regeneration of the bloodstream.

Thus, Brotos was born. Brotos is a Portuguese word meaning sprouts, a new life. BROTOS are Instant

dehydrated sprouts prepared with the benign and nutrient-preserving award-winning technology of SCD

drying which enhances its nutritional absorption and retains superior quality of our freshly harvested

ingredients in hygienic and food safe way giving them a shelf life of 6 months. Brotos are sprouted for

optimum time to maximize the bioavailability of nutrients. And dehydrated in such a manner that we can

retain the nutrients and when rehydrated we get the texture equivalent to fresh sprouts. While addressing

all these pain points we also ensured the optimum pricing so that the products are affordable.

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