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Eat Real Food Nutrition without Compromise!

We make Natural plant-based nutrition that tastes real because it is. Forget flavorings, other weird additives – we use nutrient-dense whole superfoods to create cleaner & good for us vegan products that taste better too.

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Free Above ₹ 500

Preservative Free

100% Natural

Pocket Friendly

Affordable Price

Nutrition Rich

Proteins, Minerals & Vitamins

Instant Sprouts

Dehydrated sprouts for healthy meals

Superfood Drinks

Nutrition rich drink premixes for your body

Sprouted Flours

Flours containing more nutrients that are easily digested.

Perfect Marriage of Convenience, Health & Nutrients

Customers Reviews

  • 5 star review  Really awesome product. Appreciate the efforts put in by SoFood Team. Keep it up guys. Stay healthy and also keep others healthy wiith your products. 😄

    thumb Roshan Bhavsar

    5 star review  I am resident of USA and have used the SoFood products. I am so pleased to say that their food products are fantastic and very tasty. The products also have... read more

    thumb Mahesh Lad

    5 star review  This Sprouts are easiest healthy option in my regular meals. They are tasty and versatile, hygienic and gets ready in few minutes. Thank you SoFood.

    thumb Ankita Shirgavkar
  • 5 star review  These items are a must for a person to have a healthy and active life, and simultaneously it helps in reducing weight . It is very instant ,easy to... read more

    thumb jenis karani

    4 star review  I love the concept of having packaged sprouts at home. Contrary to what I earlier believed about having dried sprouts, BROTOS sprouts are extremely fresh and make for a great... read more

    thumb Aparna Bhowmick

    5 star review  I tried SoFood's Brotos instant moong beans sprouts. They are yum. I ate them with broken red rice. See photos below. It's like making maggi but healthier. It comes with... read more

    thumb Anuja Sawant


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